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4. Adult Day Services

We believe that learning is a fundamental human right and that each individual whom we serve has a voice in their treatment goals and interventions. At Behavioral Learning, our programs are evidence-based and person centered. We utilize a least-restrictive collaborative approach. Our curriculum is a focused Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and counseling program that centers on teaching life skills with social-emotional learning embedded within daily programming.

Learners receive individualized and group treatment with ample opportunities for real-world application outside of our center walls. The eventual goal is for all of our learners to be fully supported by their own communities and support systems to truly live a life they value.

Does this sound right for you, or someone you love? Now accepting applications!


This program specializes in support for individuals 18+ who identify as neurodivergent and looking to improve their emotional regulation skills. Click the button above to complete our HIPAA compliant application online. A representative will contact you soon to discuss suitability and determine your individual payment plan options.


Center hours are

8:30am - 2:30pm

Monday - Thursday. Learners are encouraged to stay for the entire day to receive the most beneficial outcomes, however customized schedules are available. Learning occurs both within our center and around the community.


Our program offers a combination of skill building and emotional regulation courses. Learners collaborate with their trainers to select and design the individual and group sessions they wish to participate in, from topics such as cooking, self-care, job readiness, coping skills,

and many more!


Individual and family counseling are provided to every learner and any caregivers they wish to include. Learners meet with their therapist and trainer no less than once weekly to select and work toward their self-identified goals and objectives. We currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and the IDHS Waiver.

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