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Rose Barnish

Therapist & Trainer

Rose comes to us with a unique background in coaching and wellness. She is completing her Masters of Science Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at National Louis University. She also has a Bachelor of Arts -First Major Psychology from the University of Notre Dame with an emphasis in Behavioral Science.

Meet Rose

Rose has worked in behavior change most of her life, both in leadership/coaching roles and in wellness/fitness roles. She ran a successful Corporate Wellness Consulting business for 8.5 years, developing and running corporate wellness programs and creating and implementing behavior-change programs for employees. While her primary industry has been Fitness and Wellness, she also held leadership roles with Hyatt Hotels, several high-end health clubs, and retail. While she was raising her son in Milwaukee, Rose taught group fitness classes and became a Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle/Weight Management Coach.

Rose has dedicated her life journey to help individuals (and their families) function at their full potential. Her work with Behavioral Learning is the vehicle by which she will continue that imprint on her world, this time through a Clinical Behavioral Analysis lens. When not working or studying, Rose loves to walk/run; practice Pilates; and enjoy outdoor activities. 

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