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Xoliswa Disipi, RBT

Therapist & Trainer

Xoliswa Disipi (XO) is an Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and a therapy trainee who comes from the vibrant landscapes of South Africa. With a background in special needs education and autism spectrum disorder, she has seamlessly transitioned from working with children and adolescents to supporting adults.

Meet XO

Xoliswa's journey into neurodiverse communities was sparked by her interest in better understanding the autism diagnosis, evolving into a passion for empathically advocating for individuals' unique needs. Behavioral Learning is lucky to have her rich experiences and unwavering commitment to empowering those she serves by cultivating safe and trusting environments. With a knack for absorbing diverse perspectives, Xoliswa finds interest in reading, film, and travel. Dedicated to learning and growth, she brings a unique blend of compassion and curiosity and is excited about building new relationships.

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